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about the site

hi everyone! my name is natalie, and i am a first year college student and avid music-listener. i have always had quite a broad taste in music, and i felt as though i could channel that into a site for music discovery, an activity that can be fun, but also a little bit tricky. i have certainly spent hours queueing up random songs from the depths of spotify, endlessly searching for new music. while this is usually an effective method, it can be extremely time-consuming, and disappointing when the results are minimal.

i believe that music can truly transport you to a certain memory or situation, or can perfectly encapsulate specific emotions. there is nothing more satisfying than a playlist that does just that. i hope that this music discovery also transports all of you, and maybe even allows you to listen to some music you never would have thought you would!

if you want to submit a playlist to the site, fill out a contact form with the link, and i’ll have a look.

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